The Frist Red

Ochre is a naturally occurring pigment derived from the earth, giving tones of yellow, red and brown. The earliest use of ochre by ancient humans dates to Paleolithic times, over 200,000 years ago. It is considered the oldest known natural pigment used by human kind.

The color has been seen in rock and cave art in various sites around the world. It is believed that ochre was also used in the practice of body adornment in the form of body paint and tattoos, clothes dye, and medicine – within the context of wound healing and as adhesive in tool making.

The use of ochre in antiquity is a colorful expression of the evolving nature of human ingenuity.

Red Ochre, referred to as ruddle, is also used contemporarily by shepherds of the region to mark their animals . Other pigments such as henna, a plant based dye, is also used in husbandry practices.

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