Hard Matters
Wearable Objects

Dry Land
Dry land is a series of 21 clay shapes containing seven clay buttons inside. This project explores the functional
and ornamental quality of buttons as fastener and as an emblem on a person’s attire. The use of Fired earth hints to themes of disposability, the body, creation and death.

These pins are produced from remnants of furniture and
cabinetry making processes. The channels within the pin allow for flowers, leaves and grasses to be attached and used as part of the old tradition to embellish one’s body. Rare earth magnets embedded beneath the wooden surfaces of the pin enable the object to firmly grip the specially selected and preserved specimens.
The pin enables wearers to interact with the natural world
and surrounding landscapes.

Bow Tie
The bowties are produced from reclaimed wood formerly used as dock piling. Each object is made of heart pinewood and displays a distinctive character and color caused from continual submersion in the river’s waters. The production process begins with the careful selection of the reclaimed wood pilings. Mechanized and hand-finishing techniques are used to create the objects.

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